CLAVISTEC Product inspection and automation

31 Aug , 2021 Empfohlen,News

CLAVISTEC Product inspection and automation

We present you CLAVISTEC, a widespread and professional team that turns experience into an answer to your market needs.


In response to the „Industry 4.0“ strategy, CLAVISTEC was born with the aim of bringing to the national and international market the technological excellence of Italian companies operating in the industrial packaging industry with quality control.

CLAVISTEC: Latin is at the essence of our name; it highlights the story behind our team: years of experience and presence in the market, which represent the foundation upon which our professionalism is based.

CLAVIS: Latin for KEY. A small and precise instrument that can open large doors and great opportunities for you.

VIS: Latin for FORCE. Yes, because after creating the opportunity, you need strength, determination, competence and professionalism to succeed in an extremely dynamic and competitive market.

TEC: technology! The market requires high-tech, high-performance, innovative and evolving solutions.

CLAVISTEC works with companies that have customer-driven IT as part of their DNA and that are strongly geared to market demands and needs; companies that have developed innovative, customer-oriented solutions over the years; companies that have consistent technical and design production that satisfies and anticipates market needs by promoting innovation.


CLAVISTEC – Key Experience


Find out our inspection systems:

Automatic weighing systems, Checkweighers, automatic scales: Checkweigher

X-Ray inspection systems: X-Ray product inspection

X-Ray inspection and Checkweigher integrated version: Combi X-Ray + Checkweigher

Detection and inspection systems with Metal Detector technology: Metal detector

Metal Detector and Checkweigher integrated version: Combi Metal Detector + Checkweigher

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