PEN-TEC – the Quality Partner for Quality Performance

31 Aug , 2021 News

PEN-TEC – the Quality Partner for Quality Performance

PEN-TEC – The ideal partner for In-Line Quality Control. The flagship range of  technologically refined tools easily and efficiently assist manufacturers  in respecting regulations and assuring product safety. Thanks to the revolutionary technology, and to research and development, PEN-TEC is fully prepared for tomorrow’s industry.


PEN-TEC is a company created by entrepreneurs with solid and extensive product-line control and inspection tool experience acquired in the industrial sector. The PEN-TEC initiative brought about indispensable technological solutions that allow checkweighers to accurately verify production batches (the MID version – in compliance with European standards-as of 2012) by using highly innovative features that guarantee long term maximum flexibility and reliability.

Dedicated softwares have been developed for management and control, in order to obtain monitoring systems for dosage and performance, and key data tracking for optimal production line preparation and packaging processes.

Integrated and combined with the Metal Detector systems in compact and user-friendly monoblocks, the packaging line basic quality requirements for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and pet food sectors are met.

A range of X-Ray inspection systems, that meets the demands of today’s quality control requirements, has also been developed. Today, with the fourth generation of the best technology solutions, these devices are the most widely used in the market. The development of dedicated sensors, coupled with low power and high performance generators, accurate thermal efficiency control, and self-calibrating software management, makes of these tools a significant help for companies in eliminating dangerous foreign bodies from their product lines.

PEN-TEC is at the forefront of this technological revolution with the new X-Ray checkweigher integrated systems.  In a single monoblock with one efficient operator panel, and a very small footprint, there are two basic inspection systems for modern companies to meet the highest quality requirements.

PEN-TEC collaborates with its customers in efficiently meeting the related pre-packaging legal certification requirements: MID, OIML-R51, HACCP, FDA and the Worldwide GDO.

All PEN-TEC systems have low environmental impact, are compact in size, and low in maintenance. Remote service for real-time monitoring and intervention is also available.




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