X-Ray inspection – The safest solution for your customer, your product, your company

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X-Ray inspection – The safest solution for your customer, your product, your company

Companies offer their product on the market, as a result of investments, research, development and innovation, all things that consumers identify with the brand: the Company’s icon.


The brand’s protection and preservation are therefore pivotal elements for companies on which to focus. Aggressions are varied: from simple claims to charges pressed due to the lack of product safety. As a matter of fact, contamination from foreign bodies affects the consumer’s health with potentially serious consequences, and when this happens, it puts at risk the company, its management and the reputation of its brand.


To deal with this issues, modern programs of risk analysis and quality management procedures call for reliable inspection tools, such as X-Ray systems.


International guidelines: standards for food producers

The compliance with international regulations for the production of food (e.g. ISF, BRC) is totally fulfilled by using X-Ray systems, which are considered high-tech control tools with nearly absolute degree of reliability.

The correct integration of an X-Ray system into a production line starts from an accurate risk analysis, as provided for in HACCP.


X-Ray inspection: the best support for companies

Nowadays, companies need to compete and cope with the market: this means increasingly demanding and informed customers, who require quality and safety in what they purchase, along with competitors who seek their space on the market by means of the media and the internet. In order to take on this challenge, companies need to be dynamic, innovative and efficient in their choices; this is why today it is not possible to simply “spend”, but this spending must be a sound investment.

Inspection tools must be an investment as well: the choice of X-Ray systems represents innovation and security.

It guarantees products quality, thus protecting the brand from claims which are often expensive and hard to manage. The producer can prove having implemented the best technology in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

An inspection plan based on X-Ray systems allows compliance with the most complex regulations in terms of quality: from renowned international standards to the more specific ones imposed by large-scale retail channels.

It also permits a reduction in production costs from the control phase onwards, thereby lowering the number of false rejections: X-Ray systems effectiveness and efficiency permit the recovery of large quantities of product which, using other systems, would otherwise be lost.

It allows the Company to present itself, to the expert eye of the customer, with a plus that characterizes and highlights its orientation towards innovation and maximum security. Pen-Tec is the trustworthy and innovative partner that supports your Company with its expertise from the earliest stages, from initial choice to installation, training and after-sale assistance, with prompt responses and qualified technicians.


X-Ray inspection: lots of science, high technology

X-Ray inspection technology is based on products being “crossed” by the X-Ray beams and their ability for absorption in different quantities, depending on thickness and density (atomic mass). According to this principle, a contaminant body, which has a higher density than the inspected product, will absorb a greater quantity of beams and will give back less residual energy. This smaller energy, detected by the sensor, will generate a “darker” image compared to the normal tonalities of a non-contaminated product.

The bigger the difference in density between the inspected product and the contaminant, the greater is the effectiveness of this technology.

As a result, an X-Ray inspection system is able to identify metallic particles inside metallic containers, or particles of glass inside glass containers, thanks to its ability to add the absorptions together.

Unlike metal detector technology, X-Ray inspection systems are not affected by the “product effect” (i.e. sensitivity does not change in case of temperature or moisture variations) nor by environmental interferences, such as the electromagnetic field. High sensitivity is thus obtained, reducing dangerous and costly false rejections.

X-Ray inspection devices can be used both on packaged and bulk products, the latter with the adoption of specific accessories for the incoming product, lateral containment, contaminated product deviation and sanitization.

They also permit traceability of waste from a database that stores the images of rejected products, allowing the contaminant to be tracked and its position identified inside the package, even before opening it.

Focus on safety: for users, for products, for companies



Among the most common questions that arise when approaching the X-Ray systems world, one certainly involves the inherent safety level of the instrument itself. The answer rests upon the technical development that these systems have undergone in recent years; modern technology means low power, advanced hardware, cutting-edge engineering structure, which, along with the concept itself of the X-Rays (generated by electric source, not by radioactive material), guarantee total security to the users and the products inspected, whether food or pharmaceutical.

Pen-Tec X-Ray systems have reached the 5th generation, are CE certified and comply with specific international regulations.

Internal pre-delivery tests, along with those carried out on the production line after installation, are the base upon which Pen-Tec validates and provides certifications to its clients in order to furnish proof of compliance with strict safety regulations.


Our X-Ray devices, thanks to their extremely low level of emission, do not require either classified areas or personnel supervision. With the certification provided during the installation stage, the end-user can autonomously prepare the necessary documentation for the designated institutions.





Integrated solutions with weight control: when innovation means revolution

Production plants often suffer from space-related problems when integrating new machinery. Pen-Tec systems have been designed in order to reduce their impact to a minimum. The single inspection units, checkweigher, metal detector and X-Ray system, take up indeed a minimal amount of space, among the lowest on the market. But this was not enough for us: to reduce footprint we designed “combined” units, which in a single bloc, within extremely limited space, can perform two functions simultaneously: weight control and X-Ray inspection

Dimensions? The same as the single unit!

And advantages do not end here:

  • Single user interface: all settings are easily available on the single frontal panel, so that the user is highly facilitated and does not run the risk of mistakes that could cause malfunctions or inefficiencies.

The data processing unit is an extremely sophisticated hardware but decidedly user-friendly.

  • Single interface for the in/out communication with the external environment, guaranteeing a secure and centralized transmission of information.
  • The system engineering allowed the optimization of parts and components: we cut down costs of maintenance and spare parts.
  • The combined system X-Ray/Checkweigher maintains the same compliance with international regulations as the single separated units:
    • Observance of legal standards on radioprotection
    • Obtaining of the MID international metrological certification.

The integrated X-Ray/Checkweigher system offered by Pen-Tec is so innovative that we have created a new positioning on the market of inspection systems:

  • Technical configuration: compact and reliable.
  • Value of the installed components: we are at the 4th generation.
  • Price: strongly aggressive.

A clear, safe investment, entrusted to experts who have been in the industry of product inspection for years.


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