Metal Detector with modular chain

Metal Detector with modular chain

Metal detection system with modular chain conveyor for packaged and unpackaged products

Metal detector unit with modular chain transport system configured to detect metal contaminants in packaged and bulk products. The metal detector system operates in multi-frequency with acquisition and digital processing. The configurations is composed of eject devices such as pneumatic ejector, air blast ejector, tilting reject device and pneumatic flap, according to the product and packaging features. These can be associated to bins and idle rollers to contain the contaminated products. There are available all the kits that meet the requirements of certification bodies.

Metal Detector: Multi-frequency, digital, with DSP filters

Control Panelalphanumeric display at high visibility reading

Self-learning System and Calibration: Included

Storage of product recipes: 100 storable recipes

Login Password: 5 levels

Conformity: CE, BRC, IFS, HACCP

Transport System: modular chain conveyor

– Conveyors Length Setup: from 900 to 1.700 mm

Conveyors Width Setup: from 150 to 450 mm

Speed: variable with inverter in IP65 panel

Side guides to contain products: adjustable in width and height (optional)

Ejection Systems: conveyor stop, air blast, pneumatic ejector, pneumatic flap

Collection Systems: stainless steel micro-slotted or plastic container, idle roller

Protection Degree: IP65

Motorization: gearmotor with direct drive on the roller

Structure: Stainless Steel AISI304

Voltage and Power Absorption: 200/240V AC 50/60Hz single phase – 500W


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