Present and future


Today Pen-Tec is part of FT System, in the Antares Vision group, a worldwide leader in inspection, traceability, and smart data management for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

Join our technologies for inspection in Food and Beverage with FT System ones, allow us to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to guarantee food safety and product quality, meet the market needs, and comply with the trends of the industry.



Our inspection and control systems


Pen-Tec was founded in 2001 as an expert in innovative quality control systems, thanks to strong technical know-how and the experience gained in the development of custom hardware and software devices.

Our checkweighers, Metal detectors, X-ray Inspection Systems, and innovative integrated solutions, are created with the aim of guaranteeing control solutions for each application, with cutting-edge technology.

We observe and are always able to respond efficiently to the needs of the market, also thanks to a constant investment in research and development. This has allowed us and still allows us to develop revolutionary and innovative tools such as the Combined X-Ray and Checkweigher monobloc units that guarantee small dimensions, advanced technologies, and cost optimization.

Our control tools are designed to be inserted into food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and hardware production lines: we bring excellent, resistant, and reliable solutions to the market.

Furthermore, the ISO Quality certifications, the compliance with the OILM-R 51 standards, the MID accredited laboratory, and the HACCP and FDA compliance, make us the ideal partner for companies operating on the national and international market.



Customer support at every stage of the project, pre and post-sales


What makes our team unique is the combination of the experience of established and well-known professionals in the sector, and the dynamism of competent young people, able to project the group into the most modern areas of technological innovations, in the world of inspection.

Each Pen-Tec project is born from listening: our solutions are tailor-made to respond in a timely manner to the real need of the customer.

We have confirmed and increased our presence not only on the national territory but in the main international markets, also thanks to a dense network of dealers capable of guaranteeing an effective pre and post-sales service, with particular attention to the needs and requirements of customers.



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