The checkweigher for raw dough is a unit intended for the bakery and confectionery sector.

In this type of production line, the weighing systems installed at the end of the line, necessary for the certification of the outgoing products, are unable to promptly intercept situations of over-under-dosing that can occur during the first stages of processing, in particular in the creation of the portion of dough.

This dynamic weighing system solves this gap: the checkweigher is installed after the divider, therefore in the first processing steps, to check the quality aspects of the product just formed and correct any drifts in time.


Functionality & Feedback

The checkweigher, placed after the divider, receives the raw dough just portioned and carries out the weighing communicating in real-time with the divider through the automatic feedback function to correct the drift.

Feedback can work through impulses and/or through communication protocols.

One of the advantageous features of this solution is that all the setups and algorithms that intervene in the feedback with the divider are internal to the electronics of the checkweigher, and by connecting to the dividers, it is possible to make the regulation both in front of electronic-automatic systems and in the face of outdated mechanical systems.

Therefore, the divider is not required to be equipped with particular technologies, as the checkweigher intervenes in real time by carrying out a proportionate and weighted correction which is also set according to the reactivity of the upstream system.


The production lines of the bakery-confectionery sector are the processing of raw doughs, which are often very sticky and not easy to manage and handle.

Using conveyor belts with unique materials (in specific rubbers and silicones) makes it possible to solve this criticality, avoiding product deposits in line. The scrapers positioned in the lower part of the belts allow keeping the residual product belts constantly clean.

The system allows rapid disassembly of the belts for cleaning and sanitization and perfect cleaning of the machine surfaces to avoid product deposits.

The weighing unit is inserted inside the chassis and protected from any spills.

Since these are raw doughs and therefore not packaged and shapeless, the product rejection process must respect some characteristics: the most effective system is the use of tilting belts, which allow the rejection of small and large products that travel to high and low speeds.

The structure is entirely made of stainless steel and has no flat surfaces.

In addition, the system complies with the principles of Industry 4.0 and allows constant monitoring of line yields.

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