Quality inspection


The innovative solution that integrates all the core technologies to ensure product quality and safety in a single, fully configurable […]

Combi Metal detector & Checkweigher

Integrated monobloc unit: Metal detector and Checkweigher Control and Inspection integrated unit FT SYSTEM, Pen-Tec technology, composed of Checweigher + […]

Integrated X-Ray & Checkweigher

Integrated monobloc unit: X-Ray and Checkweigher An integrated combined unit of X-Ray inspection with Checkweigher. The revolutionary compact solution FT […]


Checkweigher for medium and small, medium and big formats, in the MID approved versions at high precision, for every sector […]

Leak Detection System LDS700-IoT

LDS700-IoT is the leak detection system for food products packaged in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The in-line seal control system […]

Metal Detector

Metal detectors for the control and the inspection of food products and not only, either packaged and bulk Antares Vision Group […]

X-Ray Inspection

Antares Vision Group  X-Ray inspection systems for food products and not only, bulk and packaged products, thorough inspection from above […]

Seal Inspection

Seal Inspection and continuity of the sealing FT System’s inspections systems for the presence of organic material (such as for […]

Label Inspection for Food

Label inspection for packaged food FT System’s Label Inspection solutions are designed to meet the food industry’s needs. Our label […]

Label Inspection for Liquid Food

Label Inspection with 3D System FT System’s label quality inspection solutions are designed to meet the food industry’s needs. IE4000 […]

Combo Leak Detection and Label Inspection

Combo Inspection: Leak Detection combined with Label Inspection   The Food Industry is getting more competitive. End consumers have increasingly […]

Weighing belt

Weighing belt to detect continuously the weight of the bulk product to be processed Continuous weighing belt for detecting the […]