For Pen-Tec the response to the customer’s need is a commitment based on concreteness and real, tangible technological bases.

We offer to the Customer the possibility of carrying out, at the Pen-Tec’s production site, a series of tests on the products through the use of the most suitable technologies and adapted to their physical and productive characteristics. In the test area there are available Checkweighers, integrated systems of Checkweighers with Metal Detector, X-Ray inspection systems, Combi X-Ray with Checkweigher and Metal Detectors. The tests are conducted in simulation recreating the working conditions of the customer’s plant.

The results obtained, subscribed, proven and certified by the Pen-Tec’s testers staff, become the foundation, the commitment and support of the technical/commercial relationship.

Clavistec offers the Customer, the evidence of a purchase that fully meets its requirements and needs, ensuring its investment.

Find out our inspection systems:

Automatic weighing systems, Checkweighers, automatic scales: Checkweigher

X-Ray inspection systems: X-Ray product inspection

X-Ray inspection and Checkweigher integrated version: Combi X-Ray + Checkweigher

Detection and inspection systems with Metal Detector technology: Metal detector

Metal Detector and Checkweigher integrated version: Combi Metal Detector + Checkweighe