For Pen-Tec the Service it’s the backbone of our relationship with our Customers. In the Service are included the Pre-Sale and Post-Sales activities.

Pen-Tec’s “pre-sale” consists of a dense network of professionals in the area, which supports the Customer in the identification and on the needs. The technical/commercial staff goes on in the phases of feasibility study (analysis of the lay-outs, the impact of the instrument on the plant, the optimization of the critical factors related to the product/process, performance tests) until the formulation of the offer, agreed and shared with the customer’s technical staff.

The “post-sale” service is entrusted to a team of specialists, distributed in the territory and coordinated from the seat. From the phase of the testing to the phase of the operators’ training, through the support to the Quality Control: training programmes aimed at the best management of the Inspection and control instruments. Specific training for the Checkweighers, X-Ray Inspection systems and Metal Detector are studied to make the most of the potential of the systems in order to guarantee to the users maximum benefits in terms of efficiency and durability.

To the Customer it’s also guaranteed complete support, from the telephone/e-mail support to remote assistance for the management of its own machinery.

Our Customer, wherever he is, knows that can count on the professionalism and dynamism of the Pen-Tec structure and all its distributors.

Find out our inspection systems:

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X-Ray inspection and Checkweigher integrated version: Combi X-Ray + Checkweigher

Detection and inspection systems with Metal Detector technology: Metal detector

Metal Detector and Checkweigher integrated version: Combi Metal Detector + Checkweighe