By applying the most modern guidelines for the management of industrial plants – “Industry 4.0” in particular – which highlight “the man” and his “knowledge”, Pen-Tec’s training it’s part of its strenght.

For an extremely easy and immediate management, all of our systems, from Checkweighers to the Metal Detectors groups, from the X-Ray inspection systems to the Combined units, are equipped with touch-screen panels and self-calibration software. That said, entrusting an evolved instrument to the hands of a trained operator gives the certainty of obtaining the maximum performance.

The Pen-Tec’s knowledge and experience, with a strict collaboration with the Pen-Tec’s technical staff, the considerable plants realized and active in different sectors, guarantee the Customer a concrete and effective support that makes the substantial difference on the production lines.

The solution proposed by Pen-Tec is composed of a technical and technological training and instruction on the use of the instruments in order to optimize the processes and to deepen and understand the regulatory requirements (legal metrology, quality, supply specifications to large scale distribution, etc.).

The European Directive 2004/22/CE of the 31/03/2004 (MID), together with the recommendations regarding the HACCP (or methodology for checking critical points) regulate the matter of verification of production lots with predetermined weight and establish fundamental criteria for hygiene and safety especially concerning metallic or other particulate contaminants.

Customers can rely on continuous and constant training updating formulas, either at our headquarters and via web, and on regulatory insights at national and international levels that concern in particular way the field of application of our instruments.

Find out our inspection systems:

Automatic weighing systems, Checkweighers, automatic scales: Checkweigher

X-Ray inspection systems: X-Ray product inspection

X-Ray inspection and Checkweigher integrated version: Combi X-Ray + Checkweigher

Detection and inspection systems with Metal Detector technology: Metal detector

Metal Detector and Checkweigher integrated version: Combi Metal Detector + Checkweigher