The innovative solution that integrates all the core technologies to ensure product quality and safety in a single, fully configurable machine.

All-In-One is the new generation of ANTARES VISION GROUP machines which, by integrating multiple and innovative technologies into a single solution, generates a completely new approach to quality control for the food industry.

An innovative solution, unique on the market, capable of combining space optimization and production organization with the need to carry out multiple checks in real time on each individual product. With a single machine installed on each production line, it is now possible to meet the different quality requirements that see the simultaneous use of different technologies.

The “All-In-One” series, in fact, aims to combine multiple inspection controls in a single machine to meet many requirements, such as compliance with regulations, container integrity, checking for micro- leaks and contaminants, weight control, label presence and compliance. All this with reduced dimensions, a single user interface that reports the results of each individual inspection, differentiated waste, automatic recipe setting and reduced energy consumption.

Thanks to this new concept, food producers will no longer have to ask themselves how many inspection machines they need to install on their line.

They will simply have to think about which inspections they want to include in their all-in-one system.

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