All-in-One with micro-leak detection, sealing check and label inspection

All-in-One with micro-leak detection, sealing check and label inspection

A compact and complete configuration to carry out three distinct checks on the package with a single solution.

As soon as the product enters the system, it is inspected by the innovative LDS module for micro-leak detection, which exerts a slight pressure on the package, allowing the gas to escape through any holes and micro-holes. The target molecules in the escaping gas are detected by IR or laser spectroscopy, which is able to detect CO2 (for MAP packaged products), alcohol (for baked products) and specific flavours from the defective package.

In the next step, the package is inspected for the detection of any product residues in the sealing area, both in transparent packages and those with opaque or coloured film.

Immediately afterwards, cameras placed above, below, and laterally check the label (verifying its presence, position, integrity, completeness and correctness) and the code (also checking its readability, both of the bar code and the QR code).

This configuration also includes a plexiglass cover to isolate the inspection modules from external interference, differentiated waste systems to separate products with non-compliant sealing, micro-leaks in the packaging and those with problems related to labels and codes, a unique sturdy and easily sanitized support structure.

The system is fully controlled by a single, extremely intuitive 15 ″ colour touch screen panel, with which the operator sets the programs with a single command on all three modules, with the possibility, should production needs require it, to activate only one or two of the three.



  • Non-destructive checks in line and on 100% of production
  • Checking the tightness of the sealing and detection of leaks (holes and micro-holes)
  • Detection of organic residues in the sealing area, even in opaque / coloured packages
  • Checking the label and code for presence, correctness and quality, readability and presence of mandatory data (e.g. batch code, expiry date, presence of allergens)


  • IR or laser spectroscopy
  • Artificial vision
  • Hyperspectral technology


  • Extremely compact size:
  • Reduction of the inline footprint
  • Maximum guarantee of placing an intact package on the market, with a perfect sealing and with the correct and necessary information on the label and in the code.
  • Convenience compared to three separate systems
  • Quick product changeover
  • Complete, centralized and predictive statistical analysis
  • High flexibility and adaptability to different packages
  • Compliance with food labelling regulations

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