Checkweigher for medium and small, medium and big formats, in the MID approved versions at high precision, for every sector of application and for each typology of packaging


The FT SYSTEM Checkweighers, Pen-Tec technology, are the result of careful research and technological development, offer the highest quality standards in the world of dynamic industrial weighing. Electronic solutions applied to our instruments, while responding to the growing industrial production requirements, provide quality control of the production through a high constancy of repetitiveness and reliability of the instrument itself.

The operator interface, designed with a touch-screen 12” panel, it’s easily usable from the inline personnel, allows the total management of the system: from the work’s set up to the various features of the single products to control with the relative acceptance parameters, storable up to 254 product recipes.

The main support structure of the checkweigher designed in stainless steel AISI 304 and the modules of movements of the product designed in aluminum treated in hard nickel and anodized, they have been designed to perfectly integrate into the industrial production environments, even in the harshest.

The particular modularity of the components used in the construction of our checkweighers offers to the user of a more appropriate and flexible solution in the case in which, over time, it’s necessary to introduce product formats with different features and dimensions from the ones originally considered.

The Weight control systems, Pen-Tec technology, have obtained the requirements for MID metrological approval and are in compliance with the international standards imposed by the primary standards of quality certifications. Versatility, easy management, easy sanitization are features that allow to speed up and to optimize the working time.

Our checkweighers, complete with interconnections and data collection software, are designed to communicate with external systems and meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. To completion, to be at the best at the customer’s side, the whole range of checkweighers is designed for remote assistance management: a prompt intervention that eliminates distances and reduces maintenance costs.




Checkweigher: production benefits


A modern automatic in-line checkweigher provides remarkable advantages: precise control assurance, guarantee of compliance with current regulations, ability to transmit data to central management systems. Let’s now see some of the benefits specifically related to the production area:

  • The verification of the type of defectiveness of rejected products, either underweight or overweight, makes real-time intervention on the process possible, thus reducing the number of defective units and gaining in productivity.
  • An automatic checkweighing system allows to constantly monitor the trend of the “average filling time”. This basically means avoiding production wastes, typical of automatic packaging lines, therefore gaining in terms of performance and profit margin. In fact, the checkweigher can automatically regulate the upstream filling system (feedback function). A checkweigher acts on the dosage regulation with a suitable algorithm, both in case of positive and negative drift, making proportional adjustments on the mean error and bringing the filling weight value to “error zero”, keeping it constant over time and therefore eliminating wastes and rejections due to overdosing/underdosing.

Checkweighers are not only used to verify the equivalence between the weight value stated on the label and the value actually observed, but can also be employed for internal process controls:

  • Dosing several ingredients in a single package often causes issues: the values declared on the label must be respected. Automatic dosing systems are becoming more and more reliable, but they are still affected by the type of product to be treated. There is a need, therefore, for installing, after each dosing machine, a checkweigher that is able to automatically verify the dosage and make necessary modifications (feedback).
  • Completeness check: it is made on packages which contain multiple units. Single product units can be of a same type (as in classic “multipack” formats, frequently used in food industry), or include different kind of products in a carton box, at the end of the line, which is common to all sectors, from food to pharmaceutical, from chemical to cosmetic, beverage, DIY and many others. Completeness check, through weight control, protects the manufacturer from the costly claims of final users and large retailers.


Checkweigher: areas of application


We have observed and highlighted the importance of weight control, but also the possibility of turning this cost into an investment thanks to the use of a checkweigher, an automatic system that checks 100% of production, guarantees product’s quality and, at the same time, provides a series of useful data in real time, in order to analyze and manage the production line.

Therefore, talking about sectors of application is really simple: all those that offer packed products on the market. All the food industry, of course, but also the cosmetic, chemical, pet food and DIY ones, without forgetting the pharmaceutical sector, where completeness checking is of primary importance in order to market the final product (leaflet presence, check of right number of blisters/capsules, verification of the presence of all components of a kit, etc.).

For each one of these applications, very specific and reliable tools are needed: the answer is represented by the solutions offered by Pen-Tec.


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