Combo Leak Detection and Label Inspection

Combo Leak Detection and Label Inspection

Combo Inspection: Leak Detection combined with Label Inspection


The Food Industry is getting more competitive. End consumers have increasingly greater needs for quality and safe products. To meet these needs, FT System has developed an innovative inspection system that combines cutting-edge technologies to perform a full inspection on sealing and label.

The system uses different type of technology: laser spectroscopy and camera systems.

Laser spectroscopy technology (gas sensors) detects any CO2 leaking from the package, performing the leak detection in line on 100% of the production line. Cameras inspect quality of the label and legibility of mandatory data such as nutritional info, bar code, expiry date, symbols, etc.

The inspection system provides real-time data updates as soon as a defect is detected and automatically rejects the package thereby preventing it from getting to the shelves.


The combo system is a unique solution in the food market quality control panorama that, besides covering quality and food safety needs, also responds to the needs of companies with limited space available in the packaging line.



  • Non-Destructive Inspection
  • 100% Of Production Inspected
  • Laser Spectroscopy Technology
  • Advanced Camera Technology



  • 100% Of Production Inspected
  • Multi Inspection In Same Space
  • Easy Installation
  • Ensure The Correct Encoding
  • Less Returns


  • Leak Detection (Holes And Micro-Holes)
  • Label Defects
  • Label Mandatory Info
  • Missing Code
  • Expiry Date

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