Integrated X-Ray & Checkweigher

Integrated X-Ray & Checkweigher

Integrated monobloc unit: X-Ray and Checkweigher

An integrated combined unit of X-Ray inspection with Checkweigher. The revolutionary compact solution FT SYSTEM, Pen-Tec technology, does not consist of two separate units, one consequent to the other, but by a single system that incorporates both. The result: a single extremely efficient and easy to manage instrument thanks to a single operator interface, made with 15” color touch-screen panel.

The systems work together in complete synchrony through unique product recipes, split and compact ejection modules. When needed the systems can work in disjoined mode, without generating any limit to the line functionalities.

Unbeatable for extremely compact dimensions and with a highly aggressive price. Optimized in its parts thanks to the exclusive integration of the weighing module within X-Ray inspection and custom components such as: electronic processing unit, sensor and generator. Maximum safety and guarantee to detect dangerous foreign bodies such as metals, glass, stones, bones and high-density plastics.

A wide range of models allows you to work with inspection ray from above – for bulk and packaged products in flow-pack, cases, trays, etc. – with a lateral ray – for product developed in height such as brik, standing cases, square-based vertical envelopes , etc.

In particular, the dynamic weighing unit installed on board is based on a careful research of the components that favor its application at high technological levels, thanks to high quality standards.

The high-precision mechanical technology, combined with custom electronics of our design and production, makes these systems perfectly respondents to the increasing industrial production needs, providing a quality control of the production which, in a single monobloc, guarantees high constancy of repeatability and reliability over time.

The combined X-Ray systems + Checkweigher Pen-Tec technology, got the required requirements for the metrological homologation and meet with the international standards imposed by the primary quality certification bodies.


Pen-Tec Checkweigher “MID” HR-600 SR-1200 HL-3200 BR-6000
Weighing range


20-1.200g 50-3.200g


Display resolution 0,1 – 0,2g 0,2g 0,5g 1g
Output rate 450 ppm 360 ppm 180 ppm 75 ppm
Linear speed max 100 m/min max 80 m/min max 60 m/min max 40 m/min
Products storage 254 254 254 254

Our units, complete of interconnections and data and images collection software for defective products, are designed to communicate with external systems and meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

To complete, in order to be by the customer’s side, our units are set up for remote assistance management: an emergency service that eliminates distances and reduce maintenance costs.



Integrated solutions with weight control: when innovation means revolution


Production plants often suffer from space-related problems when integrating new machinery. Pen-Tec systems have been designed in order to reduce their impact to a minimum. The single inspection units, checkweigher, metal detector and X-Ray system, take up indeed a minimal amount of space, among the lowest on the market. But this was not enough for us: to reduce footprint we designed “combined” units, which in a single bloc, within extremely limited space, can perform two functions simultaneously: weight control and X-Ray inspection

Dimensions? The same as the single unit!

And advantages do not end here:

  • Single user interface: all settings are easily available on the single frontal panel, so that the user is highly facilitated and does not run the risk of mistakes that could cause malfunctions or inefficiencies.

The data processing unit is an extremely sophisticated hardware but decidedly user-friendly.

  • Single interface for the in/out communication with the external environment, guaranteeing a secure and centralized transmission of information.
  • The system engineering allowed the optimization of parts and components: we cut down costs of maintenance and spare parts.
  • The combined system X-Ray/Checkweigher maintains the same compliance with international regulations as the single separated units:
    • Observance of legal standards on radioprotection.
    • Obtaining of the MID international metrological certification.

The integrated X-Ray + Checkweigher system offered by Pen-Tec is so innovative that we have created a new positioning on the market of inspection systems:

  • Technical configuration: compact and reliable.
  • Value of the installed components: we are at the 5th generation.
  • Price: strongly aggressive.

A clear, safe investment, entrusted to experts who have been in the industry of product inspection for years.


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