Combi Metal detector & Checkweigher

Combi Metal detector & Checkweigher

Integrated monobloc unit: Metal detector and Checkweigher

Control and Inspection integrated unit FT SYSTEM, Pen-Tec technology, composed of Checweigher + Metal Detector. The solution consists of two units combined together, one consequent to the other, with extremely reduced dimensions and complete with differentiated devices of non-conforming ejected product. The result: a complete instrument, extremely efficient and easy to manage with a single operator interface, made with a touch-screen panel 12” color, easily managed by the personnel in line.

The two systems work together in total synchronism, through unique product recipes.They indipendently manage the eject modules, spliced, compact and available in different configurations based on the type of product. As needed, the two control and inspection systems can work in disjoined mode, without generating any limit to the functionality of the line.

The main support structure designed in stainless steel AISI 304 and the modules of movement of the product in treated aluminated in hard nickel and anodized, they have been designed so they can be perfectly integrated into industrial production environments, even the most demanding ones.

The Metal Detector unit it’s designed to work in multi-frequency: this allows to optimize its use in presence of products with uneven physical characteristics and with light metallised wrappers, increasing the production flexibility to the users. The high immunity to the environmental interference allows to obtain great sensitivity and above all a high functioning stability, guaranteeing effective control in the various industrial sectors, in particular the food sector.

The Pen-Tec dynamic weighing unit installed is based on a careful combination of the components which favour the application at high technological levels and with high quality standars.

The high-precision mechanical technology, combined with custom electronics of our own design and production, make these systems perfectly responding to the growing industrial production requirements, by providing a quality control of production which, in a single monobloc, guarantees high constancy of repetitiveness and reliability over time.

The Combi Metal Detector + Checkweigher results imbatible for the extremely limited dimensions, for the performance and an extremely aggressive price.

These instruments have obtained the requirements for MID metrological approval and are in compliance with international standards imposed by the primary quality certification bodies.

Our units, complete with interconnections and data collection software, are predisposed to communicate with external systems and meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

To completion, in order to be at the customer’s side, our units are set up for remote assistance management: a prompt intervent that eliminates distances and reduces maintenance costs.


 Pen-Tec Checkweigher “MID” HR-600 SR-1200 HL-3200 BR-6000/12000
Weighing range


20-1.200g 50-3.200g



Display resolution 0,1 – 0,2g 0,2g 0,5g 1 – 2g
Output rate 450 ppm 360 ppm 180 ppm 75 ppm
Linear speed max 100 m/min max 80 m/min max 60 m/min max 40 m/min
Products storage 254 254 254 254
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