Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Metal detectors for the control and the inspection of food products and not only, either packaged and bulk

Antares Vision Group Food offers a complete range of Metal Detector with specific solutions for different types of applications: from the process to the use in line on packaged products in different packaging. Made in stainless steel AISI 304 with degree protection from IP65 to IP69k, our systems are designed to work in different productive sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and chemical ones.

The common feature of the Metal Detectors it’s represented from the management and digital processing of the signal, from the DSP processing filters to the high immunity to the environmental interferences. All of this allows obtaining great sensitivity and especially high functioning stability. Essential conditions to ensure effective control, respond positively to HACCP rules in various industrial sectors, with particular attention to the: food, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

The multi-frequency functionality of the Metal Detector with Pen-Tec technology optimizes the use in the presence of products with uneven physical characteristics, as well as allowing control in the presence of light metalized wrappers, increasing the production flexibility to the users.

Automatic calibration and one control panel guided and intuitive, help the use of the instrument from the personnel in line. The 100 product recipes storable and the dedicated set up to the different working conditions, allowing the perfect match and stabilization on different products. The attention paid to the individual components during the design phase has led to the creation of a wide range of diverter systems, allowing perfect management of applications on bulk products and on various types of packaging.

The particular ring forms constructive allow the control in piping, guaranteeing optimal inspection of liquid, pasty or granular products upstream of the packaging process.

The proposal is completed by a series of accessories such as interchange signals, a kit for connection to remote systems, devices for verifying the occurred ejection, and components to the pneumatic ejection groups such as pressure stat and the air release valve.

There are available compatible versions to the standards set by the greater international system quality certification bodies.




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