Seal Inspection

Seal Inspection

Seal Inspection and continuity of the sealing

FT System’s inspections systems for the presence of organic material (such as for food) and its presence in the seal are developed to perform the non-destructive automatic inspection on 100% of the production. Hyperspectral technology is used to detect the presence of product in the seal area, whether the foil is transparent, coloured or opaque.

The inspection system provides real-time data updates as soon as a defect is detected and automatically rejects the package preventing it from getting to the shelves.

With SIS-IoT you will reduce costs related to recalls for unsold products on the shelves and labour hours wasted with manual inspections. With our inspection systems, you can be sure that your products will be safe and of quality when they arrive at your end customer.



  • Non-Destructive Inspection
  • 100% Of Production Inspected
  • Hyperspectral Technology
  • Regardless Analysis Of The Colour And The Graphics On The Film



  • Guarantee Of The Good Sealing Of The Packaging
  • Prevent Market Claims Due To Products Not Sealed
  • Reduced Packaging Costs



  • Detecting Product In Seal
  • Leaks
  • Wrinkles And Tapered Seals

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