Weighing belt

Weighing belt

Weighing belt to detect continuously the weight of the bulk product to be processed

Continuous weighing belt for detecting the weight of bulk products. Useful to monitor the production processes, to record the flows of raw material and track the batches in the production and processing lines. The detection of the weight happens through systems in single and multi load cells.

The series of the weighing belts NP is available in various configurations of width, lenght and capacity. The custom electronics and the coupling with high resolution weight acquisition devices, allow to work inside high productivity lines and where is required great precision.

Advanced processing electronics with a large 12” touch screen, can be integrated into the machine body or with an external display. The unit provides the total supervision and interaction with business systems through Communicator (Industry 4.0) or Profinet-Ethernet IP Communication protocols. The remote assistance and remote display are avaiable. Suitable to work in the most severe working environments.

Electronic solutions applied to our instruments, while responding to the growing industrial production requirements, provide a quality control of the production through a high constancy of repetitiveness and reliability of the instrument itself.


Wieghing belt  Pen-Tec NP series NPSR-1200 NPHL-3200 NPBR-6000/12000 NPBW-25000/50000
Conveyor belt width

140 – 240 mm

240 – 320 mm 240-350 mm

485 – 550 mm

Conveyor belt lenght 300 – 500 mm 300 – 700 mm 400 – 700 mm 600 – 1.000 mm
Display resolution 0,5 g 1 g 2 – 5 g 5 – 10 g
Degree protection IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Storage products 254 254 254 254



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