X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray Inspection

Antares Vision Group  X-Ray inspection systems for food products and not only, bulk and packaged products, thorough inspection from above and side, for every shape and type of packaging

The inspection systems with Pen-Tec technology represent the highest level of the security obtainable from control quality devices inserted in industrial production lines, particularly for products intended for the food, cosmetic, and pharma sectors.

The need of the manufacturing companies is to guarantee the absence of any particulate contaminants inside the packaged products, made necessary the development of alternative systems to the common metal detector or optical inspection systems. The answer is to provide to own customers high efficient X-Ray inspection systems, able to operate on contaminants of various kinds such as glass, stones, metals, bones, high-density plastic, cement shards, etc., even in the presence of packaging with metalized polylaminate, tin plate, aluminum, and metalized clips.

The operator interface, designed with 15” color touch-screen panel, it’s ruled from a customed electronic of our production, uses a dedicated software with the function of self-learning thus promoting the use from non-expert inline operators.

The high precision mechanical technology, combined with the custom electronics of our design and production, makes these systems perfectly respondent to the increasing industrial production needs, providing quality control of the production and ensuring high performance and reliability over time.

A wide range of models allows you to work with inspection rays from above – for bulk and packaged products in flow-pack, cases, trays, etc. – with a lateral ray – for products developed in height such as brick, standing cases, square-based vertical envelopes, etc.

The X-ray inspection systems Pen-Tec technology has obtained the required requirements to operate in an industrial environment without the need of radiological monitoring and meet with the international standards imposed by the primary quality certification bodies.

Our units, complete of interconnections and data and images collection software for defective products, are designed to communicate with external systems and meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.
To complete, in order to be at the customer’s side, our units are set up for remote assistance management: an emergency service that eliminates distances and reduces maintenance costs.



X-Ray Inspection: founded in science and technology


Unlike Metal Detector technology, X-Ray inspection systems are not affected by the product effect (i.e. sensitivity does not change in case of temperature or moisture variations) nor by environmental interferences, such as electromagnetic fields.

High sensitivity is thus obtained, reducing dangerous and costly false rejections.

The X-Ray inspection devices can be used both on packaged and bulk products; the latter with the adoption of specific accessories for the incoming product, lateral containment, contaminated product deviation and sanitization.


No Product Effect


The Product Effect is the phenomenon that characterizes and limits the Metal Detectors.
It is given by physical elements typical of the product to be controlled, such as: mass, temperature, humidity and magnetic permeability.
The Metal detector works through a magnetic field and the variation of these element generates a loss of stability and of performances.
X-Rays are not affected by these interferences.


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