Our checkweighers are designed to respond effectively to customer requests: high quality, robustness, reliability, and ease of use.

Today, even in harsh production environments.

Environments that are humid, wet, or where corrosive products are involved, may be a challenge for quality control systems.
These include checkweighers which, if positioned in difficult environments, must be able to guarantee the customer not only a real endurance over time but also practicality in cleaning and maintenance.

Pen-Tec responded successfully to this challenge by developing and perfecting the Checkweigher Heavy Duty that meets durability needs and easy maintenance.


Reliability and precision

The Checkweighers Heavy Duty series is designed to check the product weight ensuring maximum precision and reliability, even in difficult conditions.

The sturdy design of the frame guarantees maximum resistance of the system over the time and in the presence of external agents, and total transport stability for maximum precision of weight control.

The frame, in fact, is entirely made in stainless steel, with the various components welded together, and it is resistant to water and aggressive products.

The conveyor belts, including the weighing module, are removable, thanks to the use of easy-open hooks, no tools required: this guarantees greater agility and efficiency in the cleaning phase and time saving.

The result is a reliable, accurate, and easy control system for effective periodic maintenance and cleaning.


Ensure the product stability

The checkweighers Heavy Duty can be equipped, when necessary, with infeed and outfeed side belts, able to guarantee maximum stability for vertical products.

During the transport of products such as bottles, briks, flacons, standing cases, vertical bags, and so on, side belts allow the safe movement of the product during the weighing phase, avoiding possible spills and falls, while maintaining the pitch between products.

Our side belts kits are adaptable in width (with micrometric adjustments for format change) and in height, with inclination adjustments, and are also equipped with brushless motors, managed in electric axis by the checkweigher.

Harsh environments are no longer a problem: the use of conveyor belts that can be disassembled without tools and the maximum resistance of the frame to aggressive agents, make the Pen-Tec checkweighers Heavy Duty series the ideal solution for harsh environments in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


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